Solar Power Technology : Good for the Environment, Great for Your Budget .

1. How Much Will I Save By Choosing Solar Power?

By making the switch from traditional electricity to Solar Power,you could save between 70-100% on our electricity bill! The exact amount of savings will vary depending on the following circumstances:

  • The Electricity Rates in Your Area.
    Some areas of the U.S. (such as the Northeast) charge more for electricity. The more you currently spend, the more you are going to save when you switch from electricity to Solar Power.
  • The Amount of Direct Sunlight Your Home Receives.
    Consumers living in areas that receive more direct sunlight, and those who have little-to-no shading on their home can generate more Solar electricity than those living in areas with substantial shade or cloud cover.
  • The Size of Your Solar Power System.
    Larger installations, while slightly more expensive initially, will produce more electricity than their smaller counterparts, ultimately resulting in maximum savings and efficiency in the long run.

2. What Is Involved During Solar Panel Installation?

The Solar panel installation process is relatively fast and painless when completed by a team of experienced technicians. Residential Solar systems can usually be installed within a 24-72 hour timeline, minimizing any impact on you or your daily routine. Choosing the right installation team and residential system is often the most difficult part for consumers. Our pre-qualified network of Solar Power experts is available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have, while also providing you with a free, no-obligation, Solar Power System consultation.

3. Can I Install a Solar Panel System On My Own?

Solar Technology and Solar Panel Systems are intricate, and installation requires extensive knowledge and experience in order to insure proper safety and system performance. Simply put, the risks of personal injury during installation, and the potential for sub-optimal system performance outweigh the potential savings that a DIY Solar installation may represent.

  • Safety: Working with high voltage electricity and completing roof installations without proper training and certification can result in severe injury or property damage.
  • System performance: Accuracy at the time of installation is a critical factor in determining the performance of your Solar Panel System. Prime placement of the Solar Panels promotes the highest possible electrical output and the least amount of ongoing maintenance. Professional Solar Installation Experts rely on years of experience and extensive training to achieve the best possible results, both in panel positioning and electrical

4. Is Solar Energy Popular Among Consumers in the U.S?

Currently, Solar Power accounts for only a small percentage of the overall energy usage in the United States; however, it is rapidly gaining momentum as more and more consumers are discovering the tremendous benefits of utilizing alternative power sources. Federal, State, and Local governments have begun to promote the use of natural energy by implementing financial and tax incentives, such as
solar rebates, to consumers who make the switch from traditional electricity within a specific time period. Thousands of homeowners and business owners alike have realized the vast economic benefits of
Solar Power, and have taken advantage of these valuable incentives while they are still being offered.

5. In What Ways Can Switching to Solar Power Benefit Me?

Having a Solar Panel System installed in your home can benefit you in several ways. First, it can reduce or even eliminate your monthly electricity bill, allowing you to reallocate those funds into different aspects of your budget. Secondly, Solar can put an end to fluctuations that occur in your energy bill during periods of increased usage. Thirdly, a professionally installed Solar Panel System can increase the value of your home exponentially, often times paying for itself after only a few years. As a result, Solar Power can be a safe, stable, and highly functional financial investment in an otherwise unpredictable economic climate. The benefits of using Solar Power stretch beyond the financial realm, as natural energy reduces pollution, promotes consumer independence, and provides us with a new perspective on the virtually endless abundance of natural resources that surround us everyday, just waiting to be harnessed and utilized.

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